Why Blog? Why Now?

I spent many hours thinking about this question, mostly while running the country roads near my house. It comes down to this:  I enjoy writing and have written little in the last seven years.

Also, life can get busy with two active elementary-aged children. Last winter, while driving to an early morning swim meet, I turned on NPR and heard an interview with the poet Mary Oliver on Krista Tippett’s show On Being. At 7 a.m. on this particular Sunday in February, I was riveted.  The following week I bought Oliver’s book New and Selected Poems, Volume I. Oliver has spent her life observing and appreciating.  Despite the hardship she’s faced, she finds the beauty in our world. My goal with this blog is to slow down in this crazy world and appreciate more, whether it be in nature, my relationships or experiences.

With that said, here’s what my readers (hoping there are some) will NOT find on this blog:
Cleaning tips

What You May Find Here:
Stories about my interests and family
Photos (hopefully)

12 thoughts on “Why Blog? Why Now?

  1. I listen to On Being every Sunday morning. Looking forward to reading your blog. A well crafted narrative is a joy to behold.


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